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i've been having an odd problem with my firebird profile on my winnt 4.0 machine. i believe it's likely a problem with the winnt network setup, but i thought i'd post it here in case anyone has any brilliant insights.

when i first installed firebird 0.6, it was running fine until one day it lost my profile (and reset to the default settings instead). i recreated my profile, and after a few days it disappeared once more. through trial and error, i discovered that the network (or more importantly, the network administrators) were resetting my entire *windows nt* profile. when i tried setting up a profile on an alternate drive, i still ran into problems because the system was constantly deleting the registry.dat file, so i set up a batch file to automatically copy the correct registry.dat file into the profile directory every time there was a problem.

then, right when firebird 0.7 came out, i noticed that my personalized desktop icons were disappearing - this may have started before or after i installed firebird 0.7, though i'm not sure. in addition, although my makeshift registry.dat fix was properly directing firebird to the right profile directory, my bookmarks completely disappeared - and they weren't being replaced with the standard default set of bookmarks, there's just no bookmarks at all. all of my other settings (themes, extensions, options, etc.) are fine, it's just the bookmarks that disappear every time i run firebird. if i create bookmarks, they never appear in the bookmarks menu. i get nothing even if i copy a functional set of bookmarks into my profile directory just before i start the browser or while firebird is running.

i've been using mozilla browsers for three or four years now (i think my first install was milestone 14), so i'm pretty sure that i've already covered all of the usual types of solutions (try a new profile, reinstall firebird, etc.), although this is the first time i've installed mozilla/firebird on a windows nt computer with a networked lan setup. so far, this is perhaps the only problem that i've had with mozilla/firebird that i haven't fixed on my own or found/filed a bug for in bugzilla.

i'm thoroughly stumped. any advice?


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