The Mr.Check Problem: Possible Bug in Mozilla Firebird?

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Post Posted November 9th, 2003, 5:31 pm


I just started using Mozilla Firebird (and so far I'm impressed).

I further understand that a contribution to the project would be to report bugs. Since I do not now exactly how to report or how to make sure that it hasn't already been reported, I happen to ask in here first.

So what's the problem:

There is a website of a German diconary pubilsher:

As a (kind of) service you can mark every word *used* in *that* website and can look it up in the electronic diconary by marking it first and afterwards clicking a "Mr-Check" symbol.

Normaly this service it not supposed to give you a chance to look up your *OWN* words.
Up to now I just switched to the "search for" - field within the website,
(which is supposed to search for some information *within* the www.duden - websites,
but is not supposed to look up your own words)

But it offered me a way to at least type in the word I was really looking for.

All I had to do was: type in the word, mark it afterwards and click the mister check symbol and voilá:
He was looking up the word I was really all about.

So much for the background.

Problem: Since I started to use Firebird, it doesn't work any more. (and yes it still works with IE)

I can type and mark the word, but if I click on Mister Check, he doesn't look it up anymore but hands in an error message instead, as if no word has been marked at all!

Maybe it's got something to do with the fact, that the "seach for" field and the Mr. Check Symbol are within to different frames....

Frame 1
I [MR.Check Symbol]
I Looking for something on ?
I search for: [..........................................]


Okay so far.....
How to repord this, now?


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