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Post Posted November 23rd, 2003, 6:07 pm

I am on Windows 98 SE. I downloaded Firebird 0.7 two days ago.

I went to the
<a href="" target =_blank> CBS Marketmonitor</a> site where there is a news scroller.
It did not work. It claimed that I needed Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE
v1. 4.2_02. I was redirected to a Netscape plugin download. After the very lenghty download, I rebooted. I noticed that a shortcut for something called Java Webstart was placed on my desktop. I persued that and discovered that it was little more than foolishness. I then went to my Add/Remove Programs and discovered that Java2 Runtime etc. had been installed. In my Control Panel there is a thing called Java Plugin. If I access that, there is little by way of an explanation as to what it is; however I soon discovered that whatever it was it wanted to be selected as the <i>default</i> java machine over my Internet Explorer's Virtual Machine. I do not want this;so I deselected that choice immediately, and tried to select the one for Mozilla, (but it would not allow me--nor would the selection for Netscape, since I do not have either Mozilla or Netscape installed.) Finally, at the end of all of this nonsense, I went to the CBS Marketwatch monitor site and attempted (using Firebird) to see the scrolling market news.

It does not work.

Why did I download the Java2 Runtime Environment SE, 1.4.2_02, and how do I get the CBS Marketmonitor scroller to work?

The scroller works very well in Internet Explorer? (At least it did until I went through all of the above. Now...I do not know.)

appendum: I just checked my IE browser; it still works for the scroller. Good. But why does it not work for Firebird. Up until now, I have been very impressed with Mozilla Firebird. What is wrong?

further information: There is something at the Modev FAQs site about the Java2 Runtime Environment SE, v1.4.2_02 and a <i>registry file</i>. Do I need to download that registry file to correct for this problem?


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Post Posted November 23rd, 2003, 6:48 pm

Yes, you'll need that registry files. For more information, see the sticky at the top of this forum:


Post Posted November 24th, 2003, 5:28 am


Thank you. Importing the Firebird jre-142fix into my registry solved the CBSMarketwatch monitor problem. Now I am a happy Firebird user again.


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