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Hey all, I have a problem with Firebird 0.7 (Linux). It's not a bug because the browser is functioning as it should, but it's more of a major annoyance.

I have two hosting accounts with the same host provider. The administration panel is located at https://domainname.tld/admin for both. I have two seperate domains. The panels use SSL. The first time I used the admin panel I was warned that the certificate might be invalid. I accepted the certificate anyway -- the reason it's invalid is the certificate points to the webhost's site, not to my personal site. I don't have any need to purchase certificates for either of my sites.

However, when I attempt to visit the second domain's admin panel, I get this alert from Firebird: You have received an invalid certificate. It contains the same issuer name and serial number as another certificate you are already using. Please contact the server administrator or email corresponent from which this invalid certificate came, and urge them to get a valid certificate.

I've tried checking Options -> Certificates -> Manage -> Manage Certificates; however, none of my certificates show up there. I also tried clearing the cache and restarting Firebird, but that didn't work either. I assume I'm going to have to delete a file. Could someone please point me to the file I need to delete?



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On a home server, the cert expired, so I built a new one, and now I can't visit the page any more. No way to delete the old cert to add the new one. Anyone have a work around or fix?


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I have the same probem, is there a way to delete certificates? Or to share one between different pages?


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I reported via bugzilla, and put more info in this thread:


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