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First off I love firebird, much better than IE in pretty much every way...

Secondly the problem... the situation is I have a firebird window open with say 6 tabs, one of these tabs is using a java irc chat applet. I am typing a message in this irc window and firebird will auto refresh a couple tabs and steal my cursor focus away from the irc window, resulting in not only my typing to stop but also (with my hunt and peck style of typing) I may end up pressing the hotkey to go back in the window, disconnecting me from the applet and making me go !@#$%! :D Of course I've checked through the options and whatnot but I can't find anything to remedy the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Yip, I'm having the the exact same problem, a real pain in the butt. Can anyone provide an answer to this one?

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The auto-refresh pages ie. cnn, comes to mind, is a known problem and there is a bug report, but don't look for a fix before 1.1 I'd guess, sometime in March ?? or was it May ??

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