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Post Posted January 10th, 2007, 1:48 pm

I have never been able to view DjVu files in Firefox and have had to switch to IE to do so.
About 2 weeks ago I started to have intermittent problems with viewing DjVu images from in IE7. I contacted findmypast support and their advice was to delete the LizardTech folder in the Program files and reinstall the viewer from their website using DJVUCNTL_601_EN-1.exe. This I did. During the installation I was informed that an earlier version existed on my system (where I don’t know). I accepted the option to install the later version and very shortly afterwards the installation wizard informed me that maintenance was complete, and I clicked on Finish. However, I am now unable to view DjVu images at all. When I open a window containing a DjVu file it is blank with a small rectangle containing a red cross in the top left hand corner. Clicking on the ‘If you can’t see this image’ option brings you back to the invitation to download the viewer. When I click on RUN the installer tells me that there is a locked file C:\Program Files\LizardTech\DjVu\Browser Plug-in 4.1\Help\en\index.chm with the options of Reboot, Ignore, Retry or Cancel. None of these enable me to install the DjVu vewer.
Using Windows Explorer I can see that the LizardTech folder has been restored to the Program files but that it now contains a sub-folder entitled DjVu Browser Plug-in 4.1 which is empty apart from a Help folder containing the help for DjVu Browser Plug-in 6.0. So it would appear that the attempt to reload the viewer had only reloaded the Help file and not the program!
I then downloaded DJVUCNTL_61_EN.exe from LizardTech which I hoped I could use with Firefox which is my preferred browser. When I run DJVUCNTL_61_EN.exe I get the message that the previously installed version of the product is too old for the installer to remove and that I should remove it using the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs. The only program listed is Lizardtech DjVu Control. When I click on the Change/Remove button I get the InstallShield Wizard, followed by a message that an earlier version is installed on my system. If I select the upgrade option I get a request for a disk which contains the Setupup.ini file which I haven’t got so have no option but to cancel the upgrade.
How can I install a DjVu viewer for use with Firefox 2? At the moment I can’t view any DjVu images from a website.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Post Posted January 10th, 2007, 9:49 pm

Do you see the plugin on the about:plugins page? (open via the url bar)
Issues_related_to_plugins (KB)

If you do not see the plugin then try to copy the plugin from the LizardTech folder to the Firefox plugins folder:
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\


Post Posted January 11th, 2007, 1:43 am

Many thanks for the advice - I had tried all the usual things but eventually discovered with the help of support from findmypast that I had a hidden InstallShield folder in my Programs folder that was causing the problem. Once the folder was deleted I was able to install the viewer from findmypast's website using Firefox and it now works perfectly with both Firefox 2 and IE7. :)

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