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Post Posted April 20th, 2007, 5:21 pm

Can I remove the Confirm pop-up that ask everytime about new username & password? I have set on Options->Security to remember my usernames & passwords (as I'm the only person that uses this computer) but everytime I have a new account on some website it asks me to confirm.
Can it be done to be as deafult, so no asking for confimation, just to save everything automatically no matter is it new or old signing.

Example, I play sometimes with some friends and everytime I click on some link [I think the pages are .aspx] it behaves as it is new sign in and the Confirm pop-up shows and it is really annoying!

I appretiate if you can help me,
Zari K.

P.S. Or at least can the focus of the mouse or the selected button to be on Remember so it's is less annoying!


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Post Posted April 21st, 2007, 12:10 pm


Post Posted May 1st, 2007, 7:09 pm

Just wanted to post an addendum to this thread.

I'm running Firefox on a Powerbook G4 laptop OS X 10.4.9.

I had a similar problem with lost passwords reported here: after an upgrade from FF 1.5 (don't remember which release!) to, I found that all username and password autofills were lost (not just those with multiple usernames). Editing signons.txt or signons2.txt in user/library/application support/firefox/profiles/xxxxxxxxx did not fix the problem. Importing after installing Password Exporter add-on also did not succeed.

However, I noted that signons2.txt did seem to be in the correct format, with all my username and password info (as well as the domain name/URL before and after usr/pw info, and correct spacing/formatting as described here). So, after experimenting a little, I copied the signons2.txt file to Desktop, deleted it from its orig. location, and visited a site where I manually filled in usr/pw info. This created a new signons2.txt file, correctly formatted. I then copied (with cut and paste) all usr/pw info from the orig. file on Desktop to the new signons2.txt file, and restarted FF. Everything now seems to work fine.

Hope that helps someone. As noted earlier in this thread, it seems like an awful lot of work for something that should go more smoothly on upgrade. Newbs like myself often don't have the time for poking around...I should be working!


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Post Posted May 3rd, 2007, 6:41 am

I had a similar problem. There was a userlogin with password form. In the the username textbox there have been the username stored and two other strings that are not stored in the password file.
However the two other string were displayed in this textbox. If i chosed the username, the password wasn't filled in!
Then i tried to delete the password record for this site - and FF asked me wheter to store this password again. I said yes - but after restarting FF the problem was here again! Then i resetted the "Data for formular data and search box" in extras/preferences/privacy by deactivating the relevant checkbox. This seams to clear the formular data, but not the passwords. Ok, restarting FF the three entries in the textbox are gone. I entered again the username and the password and saved it. After restarting FF the username and password is displayed in the textboxes as they should.

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