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I would like help with the feature that allows you to set browser viewing to No Style. Its is found in the toolbar under >View >Page Style. How do i set >No Style as the default viewing for every future page i open in Firefox??

The No Style feature works fine as long as i dont open a new window. But, i often open numerous clients windows at a time using -Open in New Tab, which causes the browser to revert back to regular viewing style. I would prefer to have firefox always open webpages with No Style, because it Speeds up Loading times!

Maybe there is an Firefox Plugin or Addon for this type of feature?? Please let me know of anything that would allow me to use firefox in this manner.

Thanks everyone for any replies, Susan

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I am also interested in this

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If you have Adblock Plus extension installed, you could write a custom filter to block the download of all .css files. You must look at very different
websites than I do, 'cuz that would completely destroy any usefulness of most pages I look at.


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Wow. A reply to a post from 2007. Locking. Feel free to start a new post if necessary.
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