How to disable scrollbar on right and bottom?

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Post Posted March 14th, 2004, 1:09 pm

Does anyone know how to how to disable the scrollbar on the right and bottom?

I've combed through extensions, user.js options, the about:config file. No luck.

Ideally, I'd like it to auto-hide, so it disappears when I'm not hovering over it.

But, barring that, I'd just like to get rid of it.



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Post Posted March 14th, 2004, 1:50 pm

Completely removing them is actually very easy. Put the following in userContent.css in your profile's chrome dir:

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scrollbar {
  display: none !important;

Note that this affects all scrollbars inside the content window, so you won't have scrollbars in form elements, divs, iframes etc., too.

Auto-Hiding is probably extension stuff, because to get it right you would have to mess with its binding.

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