How do you disable referer recording?

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How do you disable "referer recording"?

I got this message when testing out my Tor connection:

Your browser records referers [?] and sends them. The next visited site is able to track from which previous site you were coming from. You may want to disable referer recording.


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Post Posted February 14th, 2008, 1:35 pm ... ererHeader


Tip 6: Disable referer address

As part of the HTTP protocol, requests to web pages can include a referer header that tells the server which page the user was on that initiated the request. Server and third-party software use this information to track your paths through the site. You can configure Firefox to block the referer by going to about:config, and changing the value of network.http.sendRefererHeader to 0.

If you experience any issues with various web sites, you may want to check RefControl, which lets you control what gets sent as the referer on a per-site basis. ... ur-privacy

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You want to be careful disabling referers. If you disable them altogether, some web servers will not return the next page when you try to navigate. You can disable sending referers when fetching images without a problem, however. The setting to do that is to use 1 as the value here:


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If it's a normal link, you can right click it, Copy Link Location, then paste into the location bar and press Enter. There is no referrer for an address entered that way, or for a bookmark.

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