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This is possibly my biggest pet peeve of all time.

Tabs are great and all... but the time they save isnt as good as it could be if you have to use a mouse. Are there any hotkeys to change to tabs to the left and right of your current tab? (i know you can tab all the way till the tab your on is selected and go left or right, but thats worse than just clicking it most of the time)


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The only short cut I know of is Ctrl + Tab , that switches tabs. But also see the extension here , that might come in handy.
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Ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDown will also change tabs with Windows. With Mac OS, Command-Option-left arrow and Command-Option-right arrow change tabs.

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Help > Help Contents > Keyboard shortcuts:
  • Ctrl + Left Arrow; Ctrl + Up Arrow: Move tab left (when tab is focused)
  • Ctrl + Right Arrow; Ctrl + Down Arrow: Move tab right (when tab is focused)
  • Ctrl + Home: Move tab to the beginning (when tab is focused)
  • Ctrl + End: Move tab to the end (when tab is focused)
  • Ctrl + Tab; Ctrl + Page Down: Next tab
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab; Ctrl + Page Up: Previous tab
  • Ctrl + 1 through 8: Select tab 1 through 8
  • Ctrl + 9: Select last tab

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Using the "tab mix plus" extension you can switch tabs by scrolling the mouse wheel in the tab bar. I recommend adding the "tree style tabs" extension, too, which shows the tabs vertically and makes the scrolling much more intuitive.

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problem solved, good stuff D:

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