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Turns out it's possible to align them horizontally, but you need to remove the bookmark star icon (I don't know why). Maybe someone else knows a different way, but i couldn't find it. See my previous post for the code.

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FF3 "Bookmark this page" popup has IDIOTIC behavior.
There are two types of people: orderly and muddler.
1. First of them put new item (bookmark) in right place of library and finish.
2. Second put new item anywhere but quickly and after while want organize his refuse dump (library).

Firefox should add bookmark by both manner. Click on star should add bookmark in default place (without any dialogs) for eventually later clean but command "add bookmark" should open big resizable window with library tree for put new bookmark.

Behavior for now is very very bad because mix these both approaches. There is uncomfortable for first and overlong for second.


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Hi OM..
"We" cannot change anything rel; to the program.
"We" are just users helping users, voluntarily.
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See > viewtopic.php?f=38&t=685365
for a few hints & tips.

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