I've thought of everything to download it.

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Post Posted October 24th, 2008, 10:33 pm ... EyMjU-&id=

And well, just in case that link doesn't work, it's basically a video of my name being used in various and funny ways. I want to download it to my computer. I tried viewing the cache/temporary files of Firefox, and it doesn't work. . . I tried using DownloadHelper, Orbit Downloader, Replay Media Catcher. . . And a slew of other programs.

Well. Thing is, those add-ons do download the FLV; the only problem is that when I download it and playback it, it always says "Undefined," in the name, instead of mine. So I'm thinking, I have to download the video DIRECTLY (much like the way DownloadHelper does for YouTube videos). Because what I'm thinking of that it has that "Undefined" problem, it's downloading the video itself, but not the "information," so to speak (which is my name), in the video.

Thanks in advance if you could help me!


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