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I'm migrating my domain MX to another provider from a private/blade server I've been running. Obviously, both will have the same email address. My intention was to set up another account in Thunderbird, then I could drag-and-drop to copy (IMAP) content over -- unfortunately, I can't seem to do this as there is already a server with my listed. I'm trying to find a way around this - has anyone experienced this?

Error: Incoming server already exists


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I used an IP address instead of the DNS name and that worked.

Secondary question, can we re-order the appearance of accounts in the left window pane, where there are multiple IMAP accounts listed? My new one appears at the bottom, but I'd prefer it be at the top.

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One small correction.

To put an account at the top, you don't need this extension.
Right-click on the account title (in the left sidebar) and select "Parameters" to open the "Account Parameters" window. Then right-click on the account name and select "Default account".
Being the new default account, your new account will then be at the top and the older one will move towards the bottom (you may have to restart Thunderbird).

The "Manually sort folders" extension is still very useful if you have 3 or more accounts and you want to move an account, say, from 4th to second position or any other similar move.
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