Cannot delete attachments from sent messages of an IMAP acc.

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hi there,

i have a problem that seems to exists since at least 2009 according to google results: i cannot delete attachments of emails in thunderbird. and i couldn't find any solution to that problem, which is well described here (from 2009):


in my particular case, it's related to sent messages of an IMAP account using thunderbird on ubuntu-16.04 linux. when right-clicking on the attachment at the bottom of the thunderbird window, the delete or detach field is not activated.

does by now, 10 years later, anyone know possible reasons for and a solution to this problem?

thanks & regards


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My impression from the old bug report mentioned in the thread is that it occurred with messages sent from Apple Mail that have multipart/related body parts. I haven't heard of anybody having a similar problem for years. Your post says its with messages you sent using Thunderbird from Ubuntu. That seems a different problem. You need to provide more details.

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sorry for the late answer. jut forgot to check this .. what further information do you think is needed?

- it's TB v52.1.1 (though older versions of the last 6-12 month behaved the same way)

- it only appeared on my newest ubuntu system (16.04) before (with 12.04/14.04) i didn't encounter this issue

- only related to the sent-directory my (only) IMAP account, not occurring with my POP3 account

- possibly important: i kept the same TH profile file system with every OS upgrade (ubuntu 12.04->14.04->16.04) such that all messages/settings were already there after installing and configuring TB

thanks so far!

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