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just started yesterday: i have 'remove emails from server' option unchecked as i need to retrieve emails on multiple devices. thunderbird starting re-downloading all of my emails in each of my email accounts. i can not login to webmail and manually delete all the emails right now. any other solutions or advice?



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Might not be a complete solution but you could set Thunderbird to fetch headers only and . . .
. . . make sure "display attachments inline" is unchecked.
Also set preferences so you don't allow remote content in messages and use the exceptions for important sites. You'll still get the warning and option to allow.
This would allow less of a download for repeat items and allow pick and choose from the new ones.
You could also create a new folder and place the older ones in that and delete as you go or need to while maintaining a searchable list other than the archive of the received.
You could also archive directly any messages you wish to keep.
Otherwise it's either go to the webmail and delete or change the leave message on the server option using the time limit.

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thank you for the suggestions! (time warner cable/spectrum/roadrunner is such a trainwreck)

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