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Post Posted June 11th, 2018, 9:16 pm

I notice that unless I turn on "Allow less secure Apps" through my Google, I can't send mail out from my account on TB.
Is this as it should be?


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Not sure. It would have helped if you had provided the full text of the error message.

There are two different authentication methods for Gmail if you use a IMAP account - OAuth2 and "normal password". If you use normal password you need to enable "allow less secure apps" or it normally will not let you log in and displays an error message that tries to convince you to use their webmail or gmail app instead.

Your error is different from what I would expect, but I'm used to seeing this problem with the IMAP server (not the SMTP server), so perhaps it fails differently. Perhaps you have OAuth2 set for the Gmail IMAP account and normal password set for the Gmail SMTP server? I suggest you enable "allow less secure apps" and write this off as yet another Gmail quirk.

"Using a password is just as secure as OAuth2, except for the possibility for somebody who can access your PC to use Tools -> Options -> Security -> Passwords -> Saved Passwords to view your saved password. This is really just an attempt to increase use of OAuth2, which supports their business plan by supporting logging into third party web sites such as Facebook or Twitter without exposing the users password. After a while some other email providers such as Yahoo have started doing the same thing to encourage people to use their apps or webmail (instead of a 3rd party email client)."

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Yes it is true. You have to go to the Gmail web page and go to Settings. Form there you can find the box to check Allow less secure apps to access Gmail. Check the box and all should be good. I had to do the same for Seamonkey mail.

Noah W

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