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Can someone explain these advanced server settings in Thunderbird? I have home DSL with SBC-Yahoo, and about 25% of the time my outgoing emails fail. I was wondering if playing with the advanced server settings might help, but I don't understand them.

Under Account Settings - Server Settings, it has port 110 for the POP mail server.
Use secure connection (SSL) is unchecked.
Use secure authentication is unchecked.

Under Account Settings - Outgoing Server (SMTP), it has port 25 selected.
Use secure connection has "No" checked.

Under Options - Advanced, I have "Direct connection to the Internet" checked. What are the other options for?

Any help appreciated....especially if it involved changing things in the config files, since I'm even more clueless about those.


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Post Posted July 30th, 2004, 4:40 pm

The settings you listed here are the default settings - port 110 is default for a POP server, port 25 default for SMTP; you should leave those alone unless your ISP tells you to change them. Same with "Use secure connection" and "Use secure authentication."

All your settings should work if your ISP is using the default standards; I'd suggest contacting them and finding out if your settings should be different. Although I do find it weird that only 25% of your outgoing e-mails fail - usually incorrect server settings would cause all e-mails to fail. Perhaps I'm on the wrong track altogether, but it couldn't hurt to double-check server settings with your ISP :)
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