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I found this tutorial. But it didn't work for me :-(
I use Roadrunner &
Anyone use Roadrunner have the problem that the server cannot be found when you use the

What I found... That hasn't worked for me but for others it has?


The updated Personal Email Scanner’s wizard only works for Outlook Express 6.0, so if you are using any other email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird you must manually setup email scanning. First you must open AVG’s Control Center and select the “Mail Proxy” tab then “Configure”, here you will add your email server information. Select the “Add” button then under “Server” select “Server type” and on the right under “Server type and protocol” select “POP3 -Protocol for receiving mail messages”. Now under “Server” select “Connection” on the right under “Type of login” check “USER@COMPUTER”. Now write down the port number being used under “Detail Settings”, for example 5000, then select “OK”.

Now you are back to the main configuration screen, select the “Add” button then under “Server” select “Server type” and on the right under “Server type and protocol” select “SMTP - Protocol for sending mail messages”. Now under “Server” select “Connection” on the right under “Relay Host” enter your ISPs SMTP server information, for example mine is Now write down the port number being used under “Detail Settings”, for example 5001, then select “OK”.

Now that you have set AVG to scan emails you need to setup your email client with the same settings. The following are the settings you need to enter:

Incoming Mail - POP3 Server:
Outgoing Mail – SMTP Server:

Account Name – youremailaddress@yourISPsPOP3ServerInformation – for example:

Now you need to change your POP3 & SMTP Server port numbers to match those in AVG. Find where you enter the port numbers (Outlook & Outlook Express use POP3 – 25 & SMTP – 110). Change as follows:

POP3 Server Port # – 5000 (the first port number you wrote down)
SMTP Server Port # – 5001 (the second port number you wrote down)

That’s all there is to it, now try sending and receiving a few emails to make sure it’s is scanning properly. When you receive emails now you should see another AVG icon spinning in your systray, this is letting you know all your emails are being scanned for viruses.

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Post Posted September 7th, 2004, 2:06 am

There have been other threads about this. A previous poster has had SIX WEEKS of email correspondence with AVG technical support, and he's using the PAID version!!!! (and still not resolved it!) I use AVG Free as a back-up on demand av scanner but it DOES in and out scan my one Hotmail email account that I access via MS Office Outlook because to access it via Thunderbird requires a paid for program, Hotmail Popper, and then it wouldn't be scanned!

I know that the other well-recommended free anti-virus program, H&Bdev's AntiVir 6.00 Personal edition definitely doesn't support on-guard email scanning either.

If you can't afford to BUY a good on guard anti-virus program that supports excellent inbound/outbound email scanning (McAfee is the supreme best) you should SERIOUSLY think of changing your email provider to either Yahoo!, Hotmail or MSN. (This month Hotmail and MSN are upgrading their FREE email service to inbound and outbound virus scanning and 250mb storage and 10mb per email - Yahoo! does the av scanning and gives 100mb/10mb free). It's a pain because I dislike Microsoft period, and not keen on web-based mail anyway (my ISP AOL provides in/out email scanning by default too.

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