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Post Posted August 16th, 2009, 10:16 pm

I have just installed thunderbird and created a new account and it opened OK 1st time. I then closed and tried to open it again and I got a window which said "Thunderbird stillrunning but not responding. Close it or restart computer".IThere was no tab or other indication that Thunderbird still running and so no way to close it. I restarted computer but same message. I have uninstalled Thunderbird and re set it up - same problem. I then uninstalled it again, and deleted Thunderbird Download , redownloaded it afresh , reinstalled it and restarted the computer and I still get the same message!! If I go into 'Programs' under Mozilla, there is both Thunderbird and Thunderbird(safe mode) listed but I can't access them separately. If I go into 'remove program ' in control panel there is only one Thunderbird listed. HELP!!


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|I sometimes get this with Firefox if I close it down and then try to restart it straight away. There must be something still left in the memory that hasn't ended when I restart. If I give the app a few seconds after it looks like its closed, it doesn't happen.

My guess is perhaps the same is happening to you. Try giving TB a few seconds to shut completely before you restart it

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