how to STOP deleting messages from trash after a week

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Hi: My trash folder seems to automatically delete messages that are in the trash
once they are a week or two old. Is there a way to stop this so that messages are
removed from trash *only* when I manually delete them?
I *DO* have 'empty_trash_on_exit' set to false, and the program does *not*
empty trash every time I quit. But after a week (sometimes two weeks)
mesages are automatically removed from trash, and I would rather store them.
I am on a Mac (system 10.4.11), and using TBird version


Post Posted October 2nd, 2009, 11:08 am

right-click the folder
click Properties
click Retention Policy


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If this is an IMAP account, where the Trash folder is located on the IMAP server, you may need to configure this on the server by logging into your account's webmail page.

If this a POP account, or an IMAP account where your Trash folder is located on your local computer, right click (or whatever the equivalent is on your Mac) and select Properties | Retention Properties, and choose your desired options.
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I am having the same problem. every settings is set on "do not delete"

i use win7


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Thanks for your post but you've replied to a thread that's been dead for almost a year now and relates to a long obsolete version of Thunderbird. To get the support you seek, please create a new topic and provide details of the problem you are experiencing.

Locking this due to the age of the original posts.

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