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How do I change the link color from the default dark blue to white in Thunderbird's mail header (from) (reply-to) and (reply)?
I'm unsure which file to create/edit and the necessary code.

I tried the following in userContent.css without success:

/* Thunderbird Link Color */
link-color: white !imporant;

Any help much appreciated,

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I don't know how userContent CSS works. But presumably, as the file has a .css extension the same as any other CSS. And that isn't valid CSS: you're missing the opening bracket;and "link-color" isn't right. The usual way to specify is thus:

a:link { color: white; background: #669999; }
a:visited { color: white; background: #669999; }
a:active { color: #ff8800; background: white; }
a:hover { color: #ff8800; background: white; }

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I tried your suggested css to change the mail header links inserting the code into userChrome.css, it doesn't change the header link colors. I can change the message body links using the css you suggested.

Example in userContent.css:
/*userContent Message Body Links */

a:link {
color: #99ffff;

a:visited {
color: yellow;

a:hover {
color: red;

Suggestions please. How to change the mail header link colors (TO, FROM, REPLY-TO??

Thanks for any help,

***This is how it's done***

The following code works. Edit colors to suit. userChrome.css:

/* ::::: changes made here are for msg header email addresses ::::: */

.emailDisplayButton {
cursor: pointer;
text-decoration: underline;
margin: 0;
color: #99FFFF !important;
background-color: transparent;

.emailDisplayButton:hover {
color: silver !important;

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