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Jimbo in Maryland

Post Posted December 1st, 2010, 7:32 pm

How can I remove the message header pane in Thunderbird 2, last version? I'd like the headers to appear on the message at the top like it does in Netscape 4.8 since that allows it to scroll out of the way as I read a message, instead of needing to clear space by clicking on button first. Netscape 4.8 had a really great method of allowing more page space quickly after seeing the header info by scrolling than Thunderbird does by including that message header pane. I've searched around and only find suggestions (most by adjusting a CSS file?) to make the area smaller.

I also did the Config Editor, changed a lot of header pane info and then back, testing to see if anything would get rid of it and was not able to accomplish it.

Netscape 4.8 has become so dated, unable to clk links in a msg and go to the Firefox among other increasing problems such as new formatting in some email messages. Thunderbird seems the closest to what I want, but there are some things that bother me about it and that message header pane is one I'm hoping I can resolve easily, since it's really been a nagging item for me.

Right now in transition I have both Netscape 4.8 and Thunderbird using the same Mail folders, which allows me to view any messages having a problem displaying in Netscape 4.8 by opening Thunderbird and viewing in there instead.

Yes, I tried T3 on a different mail account but like the T2 better for now.

Jimbo in Maryland

Post Posted December 2nd, 2010, 8:15 am

I'd searched around and seen those, but that's not what I'm looking for. Here's some screen captures showing the difference between Netscape 4.8 and Thunderbird 2.0024 headers. You can see that in Netscape the header area is scrollable so as you read the message and scroll it moves completely out of the way. On Thunderbird 2, thankfully more versatile in the header than version 3, you can click to collapse it to a line and then scroll the page. I was hoping there's an easy way to make Thunderbird header just be placed on the page like in Netscape and be scrolled completely out of the view like in Netscape. ... header.jpg ... header.jpg

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