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I am having a problem with Thunderbird. It will not let me open hardly any attachments from an email. When you double click the attachment file. The window pops up asking you what you want to do with the file. Although "open with" is always shaded out, and forces you to save it to disk. Then go hunting to find it. Why wont Thunderbird allow you to open attachments. It only works on jpegs, doc's, and bmp's. I have tried to add file types in thunderbirds options, under attachments. It will not allow you to add new rules for unknown file types. Only allows you to delete, or modify what is already there. How can you change this, or add other extensions (like *.url, avi's, mpegs, ect.). Please help, this has been ongoing for months. About ready to switch back to Microsoft. Any idea's? Seems to be a security issue. Again, never had this problem, until I started using Thunderbird.

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Ok, Seems many of you have similar problems. Why cant thunderbird use a temp folder for viewing attachments.???? Why must I manually go delete every attachment I am FORCED to "save to disk". to simply view it. This is a serious problem for me. You not only cannot use "open with" option for 99% of attachment types. You are not able to add to the "file types" section under tools\options\attachments. Why is it there?????? You cannot add to it, just modify the file handling preferences that are already there. Is there a fix for this? Will there be? Or are we stuck manually saving\opening attachments, then cleaning up afterwards. What a JOKE!!! Are you sure they tested this thing b4 release? No complaints about this from your beta testers????? I highly doubt no one would have noticed this VERY ANNOYING problem. Please don t force me to go back to Outlook Express. I will however if this problem is not addressed shortly.


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I posted a possible solution on another post,

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