Thunderbird crashes randomly on open-file or save-file-dialo

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i'm runnig a windows terminal server (2008 R2) with Thunderbird 3.1.9. There are about 25 Users at the Moment.

They users reported crashes on saving attachments or add attachments.

The Crashes happens directly after the open/save file-dialog from the os was shown up.
when this problem occurs i can reproduce the crash by just starting TB again, and do the same steps. After some tries, without changing something, the Crash dissapears.

I think it is a timeout or something like that, which is a bit to short. The user-profiles on the terminal-server are locatet on a DFS-Share throuhg folder redirection, maybe the last folder of "attach.dir" cannot be read fast enough.

My intention is, that somebody writes a error-handling on that. if somewhere in the file-dialog occurs an error, thunderbird crashes totally, and any composed, not saved mails, are destroyd.
an error-handling on that situastion would prevent from crash and could help to find out the exact cause of the problem.

sorry for my bad english.

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I have found this also.

If a user tries to attach a file to an email (open file dialog), sometimes it causes Thunderbird to crash.

I have put this down to some users not having access to locations that other users have access to. If the file dialog routine fails to open a location, the crash occurs.

I agree that the correct procedure here should be to open the users home directory if the location is invalid. Is this just an un-caught exception?


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Moved from Thunderbird Bugs to Thunderbird Support since you're looking for help.

Its not clear that the developers have access to a terminal server. Your best bet would be to find a way to reproduce the problem without using a terminal server (perhaps by configuring things so that it can't access the location) and then submitting a bug report explaining how to reproduce that problem, at . If you do that, please post a link to the bug report.

There is a mail.compose.attach.dir setting that you might want to play with. Perhaps you could modify that to use a non-existent drive by editing prefs.js (in the profile) with a text editor before starting Thunderbird.

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You probably won't need to dig deep. There are some well known issues with attachment dialogs in TB3.1 and 3.0 which result in stuck windows and/or unresponsive script warnings. On Mac this can further manifest as a hang (a crash, in Mac-eese) - see And on windows this can be an actual crash (might be a poor citation, but you get the idea)


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I suspect the last bug report you mentioned was written by theStorm666 (original poster).

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