In my Thunderbird mail account im nothing but Inbox & Trash

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I'm newbie to this..

I installed Thunderbird we are using email service from godaddy i.e.
Our incoming and outgoing is
I enter details of name, email id, password ..... it configured correctly but i'm getting only Inbox and trash tabs only...

After then i add other email account from gmail but it get all tabs (inbox,sent,draft,spam etc..)
How to get all tabs like inbox,drafts,sent, outbox,spam etc.,
im attaching an image here..
In Image: In red box i got like that & In green box i want like that


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Moving to Thunderbird Support...
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POP or IMAP account? If its a POP account are you using a global inbox (i.e. Local Folders)

"i'm getting only Inbox and trash tabs only..." Tabs? Normally folders are listed in the folder pane (left hand side of the main window).

I can't see the image. See ... _the_forum . I suspect you defaulted to a IMAP account for Gmail and a POP account for GoDaddy. POP accounts can only download from the inbox (that is a limitation of the POP3 protocol, not Thunderbird) so it only lists mandatory folders (usually inbox and trash) plus whatever additional ones you have created locally. You're better off using IMAP if your email provider supports it as that lets you access all of the folders.

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jrkishore4u wrote:(inbox,sent,draft,spam etc..)
How to get all tabs like inbox,drafts,sent, outbox,spam etc.,

Drafts, Sent, Junk folder will be automatically created by Thunderbird the first time that there is something to put in Drafts, Sent, Junk

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