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Post Posted May 6th, 2005, 6:11 pm

I have used incredimail for some years now but it has become too bloated and I really like the feel of Thunderbird but I cant seem to get my mail to import. Is there a trick to do this or must I start from scratch.


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Post Posted May 6th, 2005, 7:20 pm

Quoting from a previous post on the subject --

1. ... 012403.htm explains how to export the messages as .EML files. You can then use the thunderbird attachments extension to import them as real messages.

Alternatively, you could drag and drop the .EML files to a open folder window in outlook express (while its running, I'm not talking about its directory in windows explorer), and then import the messages from outlook express using tools->import. However, that seems like make work. Note: Thunderbird has a "file->open saved messages" command that will let you read a .EML message but it will not import/save it.

If your incredimail folders are corrupted you may not be able to recover everything by migrating to another email client. However, by using .EML messages as the intermediary you have a good chance of identifying what messages are corrupted and could try editing them with a text editor before importing them.

The incrediconvert readme states: "Each IncrediMail folder stores its messages in two files -- *.imh and *.imm -- the .imh file is a index-file to .imm where the messages are stored. Attachments are stored in separate files, this application inserts these messages (if found) and either decodes them as base64 (binary files) or as they are (plain text)." So if it doesn't import a attachment into your .EML file you're out of luck.

Normally another alternative would be to use a IMAP account to migrate the messages. However, Incredimail only supports downloading from a IMAP account so it doesn't make sense to sign up for a free imap account ( for example), create IMAP accounts in both Incredimail and Thunderbird, upload the messages to the server, and then download them using Thunderbird. I mention this because most email clients that support IMAP let you upload and download messages, and it normally gives you the best results.

2. If Incredimail supports exporting address books using the .csv, txt, .tab or.ldif format you can import them using tools->import. Otherwise use to convert its address book. If you convert it to a netscape/mozilla/thunderbird *.mab format you can just copy it to the profile as a "abook.mab" file (the personal address book). Note that Thunderbird won't recognize just any *.mab file in its profile unless it created it by importing the data. You can normally conut on it to only recognize aboot.mab and histpry.mab files.

3. explains whats in a profile, how to find it etc. explains how to add entries to a mailing list without re-entering the data. With some formats when you import a address book all of the entries are imported, but the mailing list is empty.

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Post Posted May 20th, 2014, 4:12 am

File Incredimail is an award winning Incredimail Recovery tool to recover email messages from corrupted .imm and .imh files. The tool also recovers contact addresses from [IncrediMail .IMB Files]. The email messages which are accidentally deleted, virus attacked, header corruptions of .imm, .imh, .imb files, media corruption where the emails are stored and the permanently deleted emails are easily recovered by the incredimail recovery software.

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Post Posted May 20th, 2014, 4:21 am

Why post to a thread that died on the 7th May 2005?

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