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well, I succeeded in creating a new folder using Prog Mgr, copied my entire old profile to the new folder in a diff place, launched TB but it doesn't recognize the new folder. Launched Prof Mgr again, selected default, and at least got back to my old TB. Now, the previous error msg "Local path not" no longer shows, but I still cannot download mail in 2 of 4 accounts. Get "connecting to" then it goes off. I'm really trying to follow exact instructions - any other ideas? Appreciate your help.


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Please create a new thread to ask for help on your problem in downloading mail from 2 of your 4 accounts.


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I've only just come on this issue with SeaMonkey 2.23.
I have several profiles and several accounts in each for individual mailbox.
When trying to add a new account into one profile I got that nasty error message.

After reading through this and several other threads I couldn't identify anything wrong with the application, although the error message isn't very helpful.

HOWEVER, I did solve the problem.

prefs.js had faulty entries for

user_pref("mail.root.imap", "H:...\\ImapMail");
user_pref("mail.root.none", "\\Mail");
user_pref("mail.root.pop3", "\\Mail");

The Imap entry was correct but the root.none and root.pop3 had entries from other profiles (I suspect I'd copied another profile over as a template for this one). It was just a case of correcting the path entries for the two faulty roots.

I assume that with recent changes in the Thunderbird/SM code a more stringent adherence to paths is being enforced and this is throwing up the conflict.

Although the original mailbox accounts were working, the new account was not appearing and, of course, I was receiving the error message when clicking on any of the other accounts' Server Settings.

If, like me, you have multiple profiles it's worth checking the accuracy of any mail.root entries if this is indeed the principal cause of the problem.

My profile and the new account is now working correctly... I hope.

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