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Thunderbird is the chosen software for replacing Outlook Express in our small office. As a test I imported a sample CSV address book, which worked well after the tedious process of re-sequencing the Thunderbird address book data fields to match the CSV data being imported. While going through the import process again on the same computer, this time with live address book CSV data, I discovered to my delight that it remembered the sequence, so I don't need to go through that tedious re-sequencing process again!

My question is this: since Thunderbird has obviously stored the sequence from my previous import of sample address data, where does it save the template that's used on the "Import Address Book" dialogue, with rearranged Thunderbird address book fields? Is this template stored in an external data file that can be copied to other computers with clean Thunderbird installations? Hopefully I can use this same file, and will not need to manually re-sequence every one of the other computers that I'm converting from Outlook Express.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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