Thunderbird 31 keeps read message as unread

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We're using thunderbird 31 (and also V24 and V17) and we encounter the following problem :
a "read" message becomes "unread" and if you read it again, it stays "read".
It's not systematic but it happens on a regular basis.
We're connected on an IMAP server.
It seems that this problem is known. Is there a solution ?
Do you have any parameters to check ?




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Do you regularly compact the message folders? Compacting is something that needs to be done regularly in any email program. When done often enough, it can be an extremely fast process. Not doing so can lead to problems like those you are experiencing. See this about how to and why it's so important:

If you haven't been doing that before, first back up your Thunderbird Profile -- then compact all folders. If 'compacting' them (and leaving a long enough time for the process to complete) doesn't fully resolve the problem then do the following on each account:

Close Thunderbird. Find and delete all of the files with the .msf file extension in your profile folder/Mail including your Local Folders, especially if you are using the global inbox. You must have "View hidden files and folders" on and you need to set "hide extensions for known file types" off (just below View Hidden) if you are using Windows. These are your mail summary files and do not hold any messages themselves. They will be rebuilt the next time you open each folder in Thunderbird. Compact all your folders when you have completed this.

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If you are seeing this on multiple PCs, for multiple accounts, then the causem may be server related.

OTOH, there are plenty of bug reports. list [1] includes INVALID bugs, which are caused by issues other than Thunderbird

[1] ... hunderbird

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Hi all,
I tried solutions provided by Dan:
- compact the folders on the IMAP server : KO
- delete the Msf files and rebuilt them : KO. I used the option "repair the msf file" under thunderbird (right click on Inbox folder and go under Properties - General information). I tried what you mentionned but instaed of have the "inbox folder", I had the "INBOX/inbox" folder.
The problem occurs on thousand PC's with thousand different accounts.
I think to a server related problem.


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Post Posted July 7th, 2015, 6:27 am

I suggest you create a Gmail IMAP account for one of your PCs and see if it has the same problem. I'd also install a non-Mozilla email client that your email provider formally supports on that same PC and see if it has the same problem.

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