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I have an email address which when emailed goes to a large group of people. But I also have email addresses that have confidential discussions going to a small group of people. I regularly email both, and it's therefore easy to type a confidential email and post it to the large public group (whose membership is connected to the small confidential group). I don't do it often because I'm so careful, but I've done it just now, and I know others do it much more easily.

All that is required is the ability in the address book to indicate that you want a warning-confirmation when emailing to that address; so if I email the large public group, I get a message something like, "WARNING! This email is going to a large public group - proceed?" before it is added to the send queue.

Maybe it could make the To: cc: bcc: addresses glow a special colour when that address is there. Ideally one could customise the message but even a tickbox would be better than no control.

Often in the news we here of stories where such sensitive things have happened. It's a very important issue in terms of security of sensitive information, and I am sure it would be extremely easy to implement either in thunderbird itself or for the developers to make a quick add-on, with the relief and gratitude of so many people handling sensitive information.

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There are a few extensions that do that.
Check the Addons site...
> ... atform=all

Here's 2 that may suit...
> ... src=search
> ... src=search

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