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I don't know if this is a bug or if there's a cache somewhere that needs to be flushed, but...

I received an email with the incorrect 'from' address. Looked at the message source and the incorrect 'from' email appears nowhere.
Also, this only occurs with one sender, PayPal. What's happening is that I am receiving donations for my blog from users, but the from address is not the user who sent the donation - it's "from a user who sent a donation months ago.

It's not a significant problem because the body of the email correctly identifies the donor, but I am curious what is happening. I use filters on "from" addresses to remove most spam, but if I can't rely on the from address showing in the header, I have to wonder if my filters are deleting wanted emails?

Any clues?


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As a guess check your address book Could be you saved an entry with the former donor's name and/or display name and the Paypal address.
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