Undesirable line-feed while writing an e-mail

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Since about one and half month (Thunderbird revision 45 ?) each time you create a new e-mail from scratch, the first dropbox parameter is defaulted to paragraph instead of main text. Thus ecah time you want to go to the next line by depressing the Enter key, Thunderbird insert an additionnal unwanted blank line which is not very pleasant. It seems that this problem has not yet been fixed though, since it appeared, there have been several updates of Thunderbird :-(

I would appreciate, and I am certainmy the only one, that this default dropbox value come back to it's original value: main text :-)


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Uncheck tools -> options -> composition -> "when using paragraph format, the enter key creates a new paragraph". This feature was documented in the release notes for 45.0. IMHO they should have left that setting unchecked by default, but they seem to be biased towards making certain that users discover new features regardless of the aggravation that may cause.

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Hello Tanstaafl,

Thank you very much for the workaround solution you provided me about this problem of unwanted line-feed while writinf a new e-mail. it works perfectly. As I never use the paragraph option while writing an e-mail I don't care if it no longer works.



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