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I send out emails from our residents' association to all members. For security I always use the bcc feature but last time all the addresses appeared as "to" and were visible to everyone - very embarrassing!

In fact, there were two versions in my "sent" box, one with the addresses as bccs and one with them as tos. Only the latter were actually sent.

I've recently moved to a Windows 10 computer, could that be the problem? It allways worked ok on Win7.


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Moving to Thunderbird support...
Please ref; this thread for a bit more info...It may help.
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Thanks, I've looked at that thread and the problem is very similar. I also have a hotmail account. There seems to be a clash somewhere, either in TB or Hotmail/Windows. Is there any way this can be posted to Mozilla as my only solution at the moment is to use Windows Mail.


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The problem is on the Hotmail side. Thunderbird can send to BCC addresses just fine with email provider's other than Hotmail. You could set up a new account with Gmail or your own ISP and test using that combination to confirm this.

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