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Dear friends from Thunderbird,

I have recently installed Thunderbird and it seems to work perfectly well with one exception: e-mails directed to one of my accounts directly appear in the inbox of other account. The situation is as follows: I have Gmail account and an e-mail account associated with my .com domain. And e-mails directed to my domain e-mail address (let's say, appear in the Inbox of my account. They do not appear duplicated, they directly appear there.

I suspect what could be the reason for this: in my mobile phone (Android) I have configured my Gmail app to include as well the e-mail account. And somehow this confuses the system. What can I do to solve it? I would still like to have my account accesible on my mobile phone (and Thunderbird doesn't have a mobile app yet) and at the same time enjoy Thunderbird on my PC without having to move every e-mail.

Many thanks

PD: I also have another question, but this one has been discussed before, when I write e-mails from Gmail, they appear as drafts when I access Gmail through my mobile phone or through I will check previous answers and see what can I do.


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Moving to Thunderbird Support as this issue is more likely due to Gmail's non-standard implementation of email rather than anything to do with Thunderbird itself.

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