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Normally, Thunderbird sends replies rapidly. However, with increasing frequency, I am getting long attempts followed by "Sending of the messaged failed. The message could not be sent because the connection to Outgoing server (SMTP) timed out. Try again."

Trying again does not work until, I delete parts of the thread of the message. It is difficult to know how much needs to be deleted and obviously a pain to have to delete any of the thread just to get the message to go through.

Anyone have any words of wisdom? This seems like a bug, but maybe there is something I am missing.


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Do you have an antivirus program configured to scan outgoing email? The small amount of time this takes can cause the connection to time out, especially with large messages with attachments.

If so, configure your antivirus to NOT scan outbound messages. The guy at the other end should be scanning his INBOUND messages anyhow, so it doesn't really accomplish anything useful.
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