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Can anyone fix the text formatting bugs in TB that cause subsequent text in a sentence to continue with previous formatting done with the text formatting tool bar to sometimes keep recurring no matter how many times one clicks OFF the format on the text formatting toolbar? This is especially irritating with underlining, which has to be turned off from the file menu with the option Format/Discontinue Test Styles or Cntrl-Shift-Y. What's the use of having a text formatting toolbar if it won't stop previous formatting changes from continuing? I am not a programmer, but it seems to me that if clicking a button can start a format, then the same button should be able to turn it off until it is clicked to turn it on again. If that is too difficult, perhaps each button can have another button beneath it to turn off the upper button that initially made the formatting change. Or perhaps there could be a master button at the end of the texct formatting tool bar that does the same job as using Cntrl-Shift-Y. or having to "Discontinue Text Styles" from the Format header on the File Menu.
Not everyone has an easy time with a myriad of keyboard shortcuts or has the memory of programmers to remember a vast assortment of this type of inputting switch. Some of us started later, and learned to use the PC's GUI with mouse commands. If Thunderbird is going to be set up to be easy only for programmers, then let us 'clickers' know, and we'll find a mail program with a GUI that works, and donate to that one. Thunderbird is also the only mail program that I have used that demands near-perfect typing, as errors in typing can cause all kinds of anomalies as certain key combinations can create keyboard shortcuts that cause all kinds of problems (like having the whole message disappear right before one's eyes!) I continually turn off the shortcuts in options, but every program update seems to make some of them return.
Please, someone, take some time to fix these issues before I give up on the mail program entirely. Thank you!


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Just so you're clear on things, this forum is not run by or formally associated with Mozilla. We're an independent user-helping-user community. We can't "fix" anything but someone may have suggestions for workarounds or fixes for the issue.

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It's a pain, but one work-around solution is to type a space at the end of the line. In other words:
This is a title^ (where the caret is a space)^
and you continue here; this won't be underlined or italicized because the space was not.
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