Cant start thunderbird since I upgraded to linux mint 18.1

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I upgraded my system to mint 18.1 (thunderbird 1:45.5.1+build1-0ubuntu0.16.04.1) and now thunderbird crashes whenever I launch it.
I trashed my profile and cache (directory .thunderbird and .cache/thunderbird), started it in safe-mode but it doesnt fix the issue.
But it is kinda weird because thunderbird seems to work on a clean linux user (a used which never used thunderbird). Are there any other files I could try to trashes beside .thunderbird and .cache/thunderbird ?

Crash ID: bp-5ea6c123-f495-4e21-9687-f455d2161231

Thanks in advance and Happy new year,



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What is .cache/thunderbird ? The only caches for Thunderbird that I'm familiar with are within the profile. Its been a couple of years since I used Mint but it didn't have that directory then.

As an experiment try running Thunderbird with a -P command line argument from a console window (terminal window). That should just launch the built-in profile manager. If that crashes try moving the profiles.ini file somewhere safe and then run Thunderbird with no command line arguments. That should create a stub of a profile and a new profiles.ini file that uses it. If that works (it will run the new account wizard which you can ignore/exit) then you can configure Thunderbird to use your old profile (which should still exist, but has been ignored since profiles.ini didn't know about it).

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Post Posted January 1st, 2017, 3:09 am

Actually thunderbird was only crashing with ldap users even if they had no profile before the migration. I checked and fixed my ldap configuration and thunderbird is now working fine.
Thanks a lot for your help anyway tanstaafl,

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