Is there any automation for bulk adding eMail accounts?

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Hey there,

I have to add around 120 IMAP accounts to thunderbird.
Is there a way to edit a file or to get them pulled from excell oder a CSV or am I doomed to do one by one?

Looks like this:



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Not that I'm aware of. The utilities mentioned in ... nistrators are mainly for remote deployment. You could manually edit prefs.js after adding one account normally (so that you have something to copy & paste, and then edit) if you understand its syntax, but I wouldn't recommend it. Using the Add Mail Account Manually add-on might be quickest as it will eliminate testing that the username/password can be used to login and the delay while it searches for configuration data in the Mozilla ISP database.

If you own your own domain I suggest you investigate whether you can configure the mail server to store all mail sent to any address in that domain in one mailbox. That would let you add a single account in Thunderbird. You could add a multiple identity for each address to the account so that you could send using any of the 120 addresses as the From: address.

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