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My old PC (XP OS) crashed. I have the hard drive. I want to retrieve the emails that I had on the old PC. I have the Profile for the 2 email accounts I had on Thunderbird (both "" accounts). I have installed Thunderbird and the 2 email accounts to the new PC (Windows 10) but nothing seems to be working to transfer the old profile and stored (hopefully) emails. I have the old hard drive connected to the new PC. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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If you can find where the old profiles are stored, see ... hunderbird for how to move the profile in a way that Thunderbird knows where it is. You could find Thunderbird profiles by searching for directories that have BOTH a prefs.js and a abook.mab file. A Firefox profile would have just the prefs.js file.

You could also search for a profiles.ini file. It specifies where profiles are stored. You will probably have a profiles.ini file for Firefox and another one for Thunderbird. The drive letter will be out of date but the rest of paths should still be valid.

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