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I want to use vpn with any internet connection. This VPN provider (CyberGhost) is recomended by Kim Komando, I downloaded the software and installed it. It connects to a server somewhere and I not have any problem to download the yahoo emails to Thunderbird, only when I want to send one I need to enter yahoo via browser, there it works. So as said before, I don't want to disconnect the vpn each time I want to send an email, it's a free version and so it take some time when I want to connect to it again.


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It appears to be using a proxy that requires you to configure a profile. Did you try "Protect my Internet connection"? That isn't browser specific so I'd hope that would work with Thunderbird. I don't know enough about this product to know if the proxy is transparent to the application, or whether you need to configure Thunderbird to use it via tools -> options -> advanced -> network & disk space -> connection -> settings. Their FAQ and support doesn't talk about how to use any email client at all.

You might be able to create a three line batch file that does something like

Cyberghost5 /connect
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe"
Cyberghost5 /disconnect

and just double click on it to run Thunderbird over the VPN. However, its not clear to me how useful it is to run Thunderbird over a VPN. Do you want to do that so that if you click on a link in a message that it will run the browser over the VPN? Its not clear to me that will happen automatically. You may need to configure Thunderbird to use a specific browser (so that you can configure it to use the VPN) for that to happen. See ... hunderbird ... -Interface

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