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I want to use vpn with any internet connection. This VPN provider (CyberGhost) is recomended by Kim Komando, I downloaded the software and installed it. It connects to a server somewhere and I not have any problem to download the yahoo emails to Thunderbird, only when I want to send one I need to enter yahoo via browser, there it works. So as said before, I don't want to disconnect the vpn each time I want to send an email, it's a free version and so it take some time when I want to connect to it again.


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It appears to be using a proxy that requires you to configure a profile. Did you try "Protect my Internet connection"? That isn't browser specific so I'd hope that would work with Thunderbird. I don't know enough about this product to know if the proxy is transparent to the application, or whether you need to configure Thunderbird to use it via tools -> options -> advanced -> network & disk space -> connection -> settings. Their FAQ and support doesn't talk about how to use any email client at all.

You might be able to create a three line batch file that does something like

Cyberghost5 /connect
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe"
Cyberghost5 /disconnect

and just double click on it to run Thunderbird over the VPN. However, its not clear to me how useful it is to run Thunderbird over a VPN. Do you want to do that so that if you click on a link in a message that it will run the browser over the VPN? Its not clear to me that will happen automatically. You may need to configure Thunderbird to use a specific browser (so that you can configure it to use the VPN) for that to happen. See ... hunderbird ... -Interface

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I am an avid reader of blog posts and have been reading about cyber attacks reporting lately which concerned me about my privacy so I started searching for a software which could encrypt my entire internet connection because I am an internet addict and use it even on public WiFi. I came to know about VPN software, but they were costly so I moved to a free proxy on my Google Chrome but whenever I select a country from the list it does not connect me to the servers. I tried re-installing the proxy extension but all in vain. I am using the latest version of Chrome browser.

So I inquired few tech geeks about my problems and they pointed some fastest vpns and told me to switch to these software Cyberghost or OperaVPN that works effectively in different regions of the world.
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With public WiFi DNS can easily be spoofed. Rather than "even on public WiFi" that is actually where a VPN is most useful IMHO. However, if you're at home and nobody else has access to your LAN its not clear to me that a VPN is worth the hassle/poor performance for most people if you make a secure connection to your email provider. It reduces the risk of a man in the middle attack by reducing the number of places where a MITM attack might happen but you are still vulnerable once your traffic passes from the VPN gateway to its eventual destination. If you're using a cloud based VPN you still need some way to verify the servers certificate. Then there is always the possibility that the VPN software is not as good as you think it is. ... vpn-users/ for example talks about "five out of nine prominent VPN service providers that Perfect Privacy reviewed allowed attackers to gather the real IP addresses of people using their services." ... le-attacks

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I was recently reading about VPN encryption on the blog and it details about the SSL VPN. My aim is to setup an SSH or SSL VPN on Firefox, just like Opera browser has VPN, so that my browsing is encrypted but rest of my work is unencrypted. How do i achieve this manually?


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kevin.richards, the question here concerns the email client, Thunderbird, not Firefox. If you have a question about the browser please create a new topic for that issue.

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