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I have read the guide and one relevant forum thread..So I downloaded the import/export tool.
So Now I have the option to" import messages" or"import all messages from a directory" BUT the option arrow > on the right hand edge of the later does nothing....So I can't proceed. What can I be doing wrong ?
edited for clarity and added this screen grab..
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Before using that menu path, have you selected a sub-folder of Local Folders or a folder within a POP type account into which the messages will be imported?

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Thank you for the reply..I needed to try Thunderbird after doing a clean install of win 7 and finding it's no longer possible to download Win Live Mail from MS.
However, thanks to some help from a friend, I have now managed to get WLmail and so am not trying to transfer to Thunderbird any more.
The answer to Dan's question was that I hadn't selected any folder before reaching the stage shown in the OP because I hadn't seen any mention of need to do so..Normally such a request pops up at the stage where it is needed..
Thanks for responding...Roger

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