Solved: msgFilterRuleshad mixed "AND" and "OR" in Filters

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Post Posted February 21st, 2017, 8:57 pm

One of my filters wasn't working, so I looked at it in msgFilterRules.dat. It had rules mixed with "OR" and "AND" between them. The master filter condition was "Find Any", so I thought all should be "OR"s and changed them accordingly. It then worked correctly.

So how did I get them mixed. Does it mean that if I have picked "All Rules" that the ANDS are going in then, and if I switch to "Any Rule" the conjunction "OR" is used. It looks like that is how it works to me.

But I would expect that if I switched from one rule to another that all conjunctions should be changed to the appropriate one. Is this an error?

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The odd are good that it was caused by the bug I reported a few months ago which will be fixed in version 52. But the fix does not repair already bad filter

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