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Post Posted March 25th, 2017, 4:47 am

Hello there,
I hope that's the right place to post this:

Our company has IMAP accounts and uses PGP/MIME.
Thunderbird needs to automatically decrypt all incoming emails in the user's INBOX and store an unencrypted copy (and NOT keep the original encrypted email= "Trusted Server Scenario").

Therefore we created a filter rule based on the enigmail Wiki instructions here: ... f_messages

The filter should decrypt every incoming email permanently to the IMAP Inbox.

Unfortunately the automatic decryption filter does not work. We tested on multiple clients and environments (i.e. WIndows 7, 10 with TB 45.8.0).
Thunderbird seems to hang in without ending and shows a working rolling wheel and "loading message" forever when such encrypted email arrives, but nothing else happens.

Manual decryption of an email is fine.

Unfortunately we do not have any logs, as I am not sure how to get them.

Help would be appreciated. Or is this a known systematic bug?


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I suggest you ask for help in the enigmail forum at since this appears to be a bug in the add-on. describes how to enable a debug log. "From Enigmail → Preferences → Debugging. Then you can view the log via the menu command Enigmail → Debugging Options → View Log, and save it as a file if you wish so."

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Thank you, tanstaafl,
have done as you suggested here: ... /fddcdd11/

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