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Apologies if this is a repeat of a similar problem but I couldn't find a recent one. Did find similar examples from some years ago.
Using Thunderbird 45.8.0 on Windows 8 to fetch POP email from several servers, including emails. Email password for each account is included in the Thunderbird setup.
Recently, if I create and try to send an email as from my address, Thunderbird asks me for that account's password. This doesn't happen every time, and never happens on any of the other email accounts.
I've tried deleting the account from Thunderbird and setting it up again, but that makes no difference.
Sometimes days will pass and this doesn't happen, then suddenly I'll get a batch of them, then it goes away again. Really irritating when it happens.
Any ideas please?


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Moving this to Thunderbird Support...
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Do you have 2-step verification set up for the account? If so, an app password is required to access the account in TB. ... rification

If that's not relevant, sometimes just deleting and re-entering the password resolves these problems. Delete the existing password in Tools/Options/Security/Passwords/Saved Passwords, OK, restart TB, and enter the password when prompted the next time you connect to the account. Check 'Remember password...' and maybe the recurring prompts will stop.

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Thanks for that. No I don't have 2-step verification. But I didn't know about that Tools option to look at saved passwords, I just did and it showed up something a bit strange to do with outlook mail; so I've reset as you suggested and I'll see how that goes.

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