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I've about had it with Thunderbird's junk mail filtering. I constantly find emails that I've marked as "not junk" in my spam folder back in there time and time again, while real spam is slipping in. What can I do?


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Moving to Thunderbird Support...
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How is the account set up in Thunderbird, as POP or IMAP? Find out using menu path Tools->Account Settings->Server Settings->Server Type at the top right of the dialogue.
Do you regularly compact the message folders? Compacting is something that needs to be done regularly in any email program, particularly with POP type accounts. We recommend weekly, but many of us do it daily. When done often enough, it can be an extremely fast process. Not doing so can lead to problems like those you are experiencing. See this about how to and why it's so important:

If you haven't been doing that before, first back up your Thunderbird Profile -- then compact all folders.

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