How can I increase the height of a row in the main mail pane

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I would like to space out my emails vertically, since they are currently very condensed together. I have noticed that one way to do this is to use the following in my `userChrome.css`:

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#threadTree treechildren::-moz-tree-row {
    margin-bottom: 6px !important;

The problem with this is that the added margin is always white. I have configured my unread message rows/cells to have a grey background and I would like the spacing between read messages to be grey, not white. I would like the spacing between unread messages to be in white, consistent with the background color of those messages.

I know that I can assign color to the padding property in css, but whenever I try to add padding to the rows, it keeps the row height the same, but shrinks the area within the row where the text is.

Is it possible to increase the spacing between items, while keeping the background color of this spacing the same as that of the surrounding rows?

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