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I'm moving from a Dell running Win7 to a Dell running Win10. Doing some reading before the move I saved my old Profiles and copied it to the new machine. My new TB is v 52.0 (32-bit). And both machines are using IMAP.

I've got TB running on the new machine just fine. Inbox and Sent folders are just as they were on the old machine. But my Local Folders aren't there. I've tried a couple ways to to this but have failed.

Can someone help or point me me to where I can learn to do this?




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If you copied your entire profile "as is" (rather than migrating pieces) Local Folders should still be there.

Is there any mention of it in help -> troubleshooting information (despite it not being visible in the folder pane)?
If you use help -> troubleshooting information -> show folder to open windows explorer at your profile, and then go to the Mail subdirectory, does it have a Local Folders subdirectory?

You could try adding another Local Folders account via the Local Folders add-on but I suggest you try to figure out why your existing one disappeared instead. If you do that you might need to also use the FolderFlags add-on to tell Thunderbird where the Outbox folder is.

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In your old profile folders, look in the Mail/Local Folders subfolder, and copy the mbox files, the large files with no extension. Close TB, and paste the mbox files into the Mail/Local Folders subfolder of the new profile. Restart TB and you will see the contents under Local Folders in the folder pane.

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