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I think there has been an (unintentional?) change to the Account->Server Settings ->"Automatically download new message" tickbox functionality for POP3 accounts.

Prior to Thunderbird 52.1, I had the "Automatically download new message" and "Fetch Headers Only" boxes ticked on my POP3 accounts. This meant that when a new message appeared, TB would download the header and present it in the Inbox, allowing me to select it and use "download Message" to download the message content when I chose.

Once 52.1 had auto loaded, I could see incoming message in the Inbox, but TB apparently refused to download the message content.

After (a great deal of) experiment, I discovered that the above combination of tickboxes meant that:
1) mail was automatically downloaded
2) the header was loaded into the Inbox, but the content of the message was discarded!

I have now turned off the above tickboxes, but I am still finding that new messages are downloaded without my intervention - when I select them in the Inbox, they are there immediately.

I am guessing that since 52.1, on POP3 accounts, the "Check for new messages every XX" option is overriding the "Automatically download" option, so you download the message in full even if you didnt want it. This is at least a change to previous behaviour, and may even be an unintentional change, so what do you make of it?

I am running TB on Win10 (also with Comodo Internet Security Essentials, but I dont think that's completely relavent in this case...)

I have been running TB for many years, with relatively few problems - thanks to all for your efforts on a really great piece of software! :D


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Post Posted May 3rd, 2017, 8:05 am

Moving to Thunderbird Support as 52.1.0 is a release version.

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Post Posted May 3rd, 2017, 6:47 pm

There is a bug in 52.1 that affects POP accounts set to 'Fetch headers only'.


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